Our mission is to provide an inclusive, developmentally based program focusing on interactive play that fosters a child's growth in seven key areas: social/emotional development, motor skills, cognition, language development, self-help skills, literacy, and math.  At Aldrich, our teachers use The Creative Curriculum for Preschool for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate experiences to encourage growth within these key areas.  We use The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum to follow each child's progress.  When the content of the curriculum is taught with the children's developmental stages in mind, children are more likely to be successful learners who feel excited and challenged by what they are learning. 

These development cornerstones can be further divided into different teaching areas. Often, several teaching concepts are interwoven in activities, fostering growth in more than one of the four cornerstones of a child's development.  Throughout each of the teaching areas, we encourage intentional learning through hands-on experiences. Click here to read more about what children learn when they come to "play" at school.

Aldrich is nationally accredited, and our content is also guided by state and local school district standards.  We believe in the excellence of our curriculum and our teaching staff.  By providing you with this information, we hope that you have a better understanding of the various learning experiences your child will have at Aldrich. 

Sampling of Curriculum Goals