Aldrich Alumni

Since its origins as the Mayo Clinic Child Health Institute in 1944, Aldrich has become a beloved institution of the Rochester community, touching thousands of lives along the way. Are you one of them? Share your Aldrich memories below, and read some of our favorites here. We can't wait to hear from you!

“Believe it or not, I still remember things from those days…the playground, the carnival, the water table, my cubby with the kitten picture on it and going on walks holding the bead on the rope….Thank you for keeping the Aldrich tradition going and keeping your program child-centered and developmentally appropriate. This is so important!!”
-AMNS child in “the mid 60’s,” currently a research scientist in the Seattle Area

“Thank you again for your message and the skills your Nursery School taught her – she is a true leader. I do believe ‘Everything You Learned, You Learned in Kindergarten…’ be nice, put things back where you found them, keep your hands to yourself, say thank you, etc…”
-Executive Assistant to a former AMNS child who is a Regional Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons

"My wife just sent me a link to your website, asking if she thought this would be a good preschool for our daughter Zoe, who just turned three. I was delighted to see that it was the place I attended about thirty-five years ago! I have fond but distant memories of my time at Aldrich!"